1. Level of cytokines in patients with pulmonary drug susceptible and resistant tuberculosis – Evelina Lesnic
2. The stable-functional osteosynthesis of clavicular fractures with external fixator – Gheorghe Rosu
3. Hepatocytes isolation from adult rats for liver recellularization – Mariana Jian, Vitalie Cobzac, Victoria Vartic, Viorel Nacu
4. Tuberculosis characteristics and risk factors in urban compared with rural patients – Aliona Tihon, Ovidiu Tafuni, Alina Malic, Radu Niguleanu, Tatiana Osipov, Evelina Lesnic
5. Tumor associated macrophages in breast cancer – Ecaterina Carpenco
6. Inoffensivity of imupurin in pregnancy – Ina Pogonea,Carolina Catcov, Victor Ghicavii
7. Informativity of perinatal medical card in fetal growth assessment – Eugenia Bogonovschi, Ion Bologan
8. An efficient procedure of isolation, cultivation and identification of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cellsĀ  – Vitalie Cobzac, Andrei Mostovei, Mariana Jian, Viorel Nacu
9. Types of extracranial branching of the facial nerve – Angela Babuci