1. The Portfolio as a Tool for Mentoring in Nursing Students: A Scoping
  2. Effect of Telenursing on Levels of Depression and Anxiety in Caregivers
    of Patients with Stroke: A Randomized Clinical Trial
  3. “Immersion in an Ocean of Psychological Tension:” The Voices of
    Mothers with Children Undergoing Hemodialysis
  4. The Relationship between Perception of Social Support and Fatigue in
    Patients with Cancer
  5. Thematic Analysis of Management Behaviors of Civilian Nurses in
    Iran‑Iraq War 1980–1988: A Historical Research
  6. The Effect of Social Support Skill‑training Group Intervention on
    Perceived Social Support in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorde
  7. Effect of a Care Plan on the Quality of Life of the Patients with Atrial
  8. Effect of Hope Therapy on the Mood Status of Patients with Diabetes
  9. The Effects of Motivational Interviewing on the Health Status of Patients
    Undergoing Hemodialysis
  10. Exploring Self‑Care Needs of Pregnant Women with Gingivitis: A
    Qualitative Study in Iran
  11. Comparing the Effects of Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Physical
    Activity on Pregnant Women’s General Health
  12. The Barriers and Challenges of Applying New Strategies in the Clinical
    Evaluation of Nursing Students from the Viewpoints of Clinical Teachers
  13. Psychosocial Factors Related to Dietary Habits in Women Undergoing
    Preconception Care
  14. Effectiveness of Postpartum Homecare Program as a New Method on
    Mothers’ Knowledge about the Health of the Mother and the Infant
  15. The Effect of Spiritual Care on the Body Image of Patients Undergoing
    Amputation due to Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized Clinical Trial
  16. A Comparative Study of the Effects of Skin Contact and Kangaroo Care
    on Mother’s Anxiety